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TSA Keys made on a 3D Printer | Mr. Locksmith Blog

Keys have been made from photographs of keys as far away as 200 meters for as long as cameras have been capable of taking pictures. And it should come as no surprise that when the Washington Post was researching an article on what really happens to your luggage at airports and published a photo of the TSA master keys the TSA uses to open TSA-approved baggage locks that the cat was now out of the bag!

Now with the photo of the TSA master keys, almost anyone with a 3D printer can make a complete set of their own TSA master keys to open any TSA Recognized locks.  TSA uses the TSA Master Keys to open TSA-approved baggage locks.


While there may be a new standard coming in the next couple years for TSA-accepted locks, you can still try this out at home on your own locks if you have a 3D printer.

If you are worried about some random people using these 3D Printed TSA Master Keys on your luggage locks at the airport, then there’s not much you can do besides packing your expensive items in your carry on luggage. Also, the TSA approved padlocks can easily be forced open with a screwdriver.


TSA Keys Mr. Locksmith
TSA Keys | Mr. Locksmith

In conclusion, be careful with lending your keys to anyone or having your keys in any pictures. A picture of your keys and a 3D printer and almost anyone now has keys to your house.

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