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Patio Door Lock Downtown Vancouver: Patio doors can often be a weak point in the security of a building. There are good locking systems that can be incorporated into patio doors and windows, and some of these are illustrated below. The security systems for different types of patio doors vary dramatically, so please call us for pricing.

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A lot of locksmiths hate patio door locks. And the main reason is most Sliding Patio Doors were never meant to be used as an entrance. People want to rent out their basement suite or whatever, and they use the patio door to enter and exit the suit.

Or some people just want to enter and exit via their patio door. It’s easier for them. They want to come through the patio door. And most patio doors, the sliding ones, are not meant to be used as the main entrance. They are an occasional use door.  We have a lot of problems with reliability and durability. And especially when somebody wants a lock put on for tenants, then it has a way more wear than that door was designed for. So it can be a bit of a problem. There are some ways to reduce your problems, but you have to realize why when you want your lock fixed on a patio door, or you are having problems with it, why a lot of locksmiths just sort of, “I don’t want to touch that” is because it’s a no-win situation a lot of the time.


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Mr. Locksmith Downtown Vancouver BC can install the lock on it or we fix it and it breaks again because the door was never meant to be used for that. Here’s a typical patio door. It’s got the lock here. Just a little flimsy thing. And it’s a sliding patio door. A lot of locksmiths don’t like patio doors. There’s well, there are multiple types. The most popular patio sliding doors we see in North America, this one slides on the inside. The traditional way of locking it, we used to put a hockey stick in here or a stick and this would lock it. But a nice little lock installed on here goes in the track. It locks it. You could have a lock in there and you can use it with a key.

Mr. Locksmith Downtown Vancouver

Mr. Locksmith Downtown Vancouver

Patio Door Locksmith Downtown Vancouver

Mr. Locksmith Downtown Vancouver BC can retrofit these and put a key in it so you can use it as you know, to lock it and unlock it from the outside. So this one hasn’t been retrofitted. We’re gonna do this in another video. We’re gonna show some different options on the outside. One of the problems, why we dislike patio sliding doors, is a lot of people have their tenants come and go from their basement unit or their side unit or whatever. And they don’t have a proper door, so they use the sliding door, put a lock in here and the tenant is using it constantly. And what happens is the rollers wear out, the lock, this is plastic. It breaks on the frame of the sliding door. That bends, it’s just an aluminum door with inexpensive rollers. Most of these were never meant to be used multiple times. They’re okay for occasional use, but when a tenant’s using them, that’s when we get lots of problems. We can retrofit these and put a lock on it. It’s okay for occasional use.

Again, I seem to be harping on this, but when a tenant is using it, we’re constantly up fixing the doors because they keep on breaking and wearing out. So here’s a patio sliding door. One of the most popular ones we see in North America. And we can upgrade this to have a key, but the most secure is securing it with a lock on the inside. I hope this kind of explains a little bit. If you are having trouble getting someone to come and fix your patio door or you are having a locksmith who upgraded, some are very limited, it’s very limited on the quality of the stuff Mr. Locksmith Downtown Vancouver British Columbia can help.

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Patio Door Lock Downtown Vancouver

Patio Door Lock Downtown Vancouver