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Mr. Locksmith Automotive is reviewing the Hot Wire Automotive Key Programmer. I absolutely love this product. It was one of the first programmers I bought. We use two major Automotive Key Programmer, the MVP Pro and we the Hot Wire.

Hot Wire is it is PC based. It goes through a box and it plugs into the OBDC unit. It’s the most idiot-proof key programmer you can find out there.

The interface is so simple you don’t even need to read the manual. All you do is pick out your year, make, and model and plug it in. Turn the key to run and hit enter. The interface is unbelievably good. I absolutely love this. For beginners or advanced automotive locksmiths.

The MVP Pro is the bleeding edge and can do more autos. However, the Hot Wire is easier, quicker to use but again we had the other day where the MVP Pro wouldn’t program a vehicle, the Hot Wire did it.

In the past, I had two Mustangs side by side, same year, same model. The Hot Wire would program one but wouldn’t program the other. The MVP Pro would program the other unit but wouldn’t program the one that the Hot Wire would do. That’s a constant battle with cars. It happens.

We are making keys to cars every single day. This is what we find and we can’t do without two programmers. Nobody can.

That is why we keep on trying some of the offshore versions just to see how they go. We’re always evaluating them.

Again, if you are starting out and you’re coming into a good standard unit, this is the way to go. It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s to the point, and you can’t make a mistake. You really cannot make a mistake.

I love the tablet-based Hot Wire because it’s all in one unit.

We are subscription based on one of our Hot Wires and one we have purchased the software for the most popular autos.

No matter what anybody says, we haven’t found one key programmer that does everything.

If the manufacturer’s want to disagree, I’m waiting for that holy grail. That one machine.


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