How to Open a Locked out of Bathroom or Bedroom Video by Mr. Locksmith Part 1


How to open a locked bathroom lock or bedroom lock video Part 1 by Mr. Locksmith. At Mr. Locksmith I get several calls a week from customers locked out of Bathroom or Bedrooms. Most of the bathroom locks are very simple to open. This short video is to help you open the 99 percent of bathroom locks.

However, if the lock is malfunctioning or an older style this method will not work See my Video “How to open a Locked Bathroom Lock with a Milk Jug or Credit Card Mr. Locksmith Video” Also, check out my future videos “How to Drill Open a Locked Bathroom or Bedroom lock Part 3” for further information.

Hope this is helpful. Terry Whin-Yates 3rd Generation Locksmith. BA (Hons) Criminology. Mr. Locksmith Vancouver 604-773-5625

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