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These days, our society strives to not differentiate between men and women when it comes to quite a number of things. This is in direct contrast to the way that things were just a few decades ago. However, some topics automatically lend themselves to a discussion that includes a gender-specific topic. In this case, I’m referring to home security tips that lean towards the protection of women, who may either be living alone or with children. The reason why this subject is so critical, has to do with the fact that women are often the specific target of criminals, since it is perceived that it would be easier to prey upon them. Tips of this type have been taught for a number of years and can include items such as avoiding walking alone to their car alone in a garage after hours. It’s been proven that tips of this type have definitely been useful and certainly have prevented a number of attacks on women.

Home Security for Women

In addition, there are a number of home security tips aimed towards the protection of women that include:

  • Making sure that your locks are not only high-grade, but can easily be opened without exposing yourself to extra risks. This can include electronically activated locks such as the Schlage Keypad Cam Lock, which can be activated by your iPhone. This can give you the ability to unlock your door without having to leave a locked car and subsequently take the time to manually unlock your home entrance.
  • Take notice of how your name is presented on a mailbox. Never use your full name that could be used by someone pretending to be on ‘official’ business. This includes making sure that your listed name is represented by initials for your first and middle name. As such, the name that can be read won’t indicate a single woman living alone.
  • Consider a home alarm system with an emergency ‘panic button’ that can alert authorities to someone attempting to break in (or are already in the house).


You can find other security tips that will assist you (and your loved ones) when it comes to keeping safe. You’ll find home security tips from lock manufacturer websites such as weiserlock.com and many others.

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