3 Easy Ways to Maintain Home Security

Buying a home security system is only one step towards improving the security of your home. It is also important to perform some basic maintenance on your security devices to make sure that they are working properly. Here are 3 easy tips to help you with home security maintenance.

Image Source: Flickr
Image Source: Flickr

Do a Weekly Walk-Through
We know, we know — you walk through your house all the time. But you probably don’t inspect all the locks on every single door and window, right? And how about the door and window frames — are they intact? Look for signs of rotting, warping or any other indication of structural weakness that could allow for an easy breach. Also, be sure to check all alarm sensors to ensure that they are securely mounted. Source:  ProtectYourHome

Test the Control Panel Regularly
A properly installed control panel should have a ”test” mode that performs a self-diagnostic to make sure everything is running properly. If you have a monitoring service, it’s a good idea to call them before the test in case the alarm activates.
Examine the security lights around the outside of your home to make sure they haven’t shifted. Wind and nasty weather have a way of making them move. Source:  AVDesigns

Request an Annual Inspection from a Qualified Technician
Security equipment should be checked annually by a professional. Best vendors will offer a maintenance package along with your service contract. When a professional comes to assess the state of your system, they will:
Check to see that batteries are functioning properly.
Ensure that transmitted signals are being received by the monitoring center.
Perform controlled tests on panic buttons.
Check to see that sensors have not come loose.
Repair any damaged or malfunctioning parts of the system.
A trained professional will be able to give you a more specific diagnosis of your system rather than relying solely on self-testing. Source:  VectorSecurity

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